Succeed: To achieve the desired aim or result

Welcome to “Your Time to Succeed”.  To ‘succeed’ can take on any meanings to each individual.  Success cannot be measured on a singular scale; rather success can only be measured only by one’s self.  Whether you are trying to succeed in financial security, job security, happiness, life, love or anything else, some basic rules will need to be established.

Most importantly, you need an end result or a dream.  What are you trying to succeed in?  How will your result be measured?  Will your success be staged and then build up to final result?  Often, you can set yourself an unachievable end result to challenge yourself.

You will need a plan.  I cannot offer you a plan to suit your own goals.  The only person that can truly create a plan is you.  Think of it as a destination, and you needing to work out how to get there.  The plan should be broken down to its simplest form, so that each part will be easier to achieve.  Always hope for the best and plan for the worst.  Your plan should include a flowchart for things that could go wrong and where to go from there.  Success can always be achieved through trial and error. Evaluate your risks.  Don’t be quick to set yourself a goal of retiring in 12 months with $x-million in the bank.  How will you achieve such a feat?  This will usually involve a high risk factor, and therefore can have the potential to cause ruin.  We are always shown stories of people gaining fortunes in short period by taking huge risks that pay off.  What you won’t see are the many more stories of people that lost everything doing exactly the same thing.

Monitor your current status and end result.  Your plan should include a timeline or strategy for achieving your success.  Continual monitoring of this plan will allow you to adjust for any issue that may arise along the way.

Maintain your health.  It is fundamental that your health stay intact while trying to achieve your success.  Working a 20 hour day is a way to achieve your end goal, however, it may end in failure of your health.  A balance needs to be sought between your goal and your life.

Lastly, don’t procrastinate! Don’t be the “I’m going to” person who never gets anything done.  The only way you will succeed is to work at your end result.  What’s your motivation to achieve your success?

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